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Business, Free Enterprise and Constitutional Issues; Pro-Life and Pro Second Amendment. Susan Lynn is a member of the Tennessee General Assembly. She serves as Chairman of the Consumer and Human Resources subcommittee, a member of the Finance Ways and Means Committee and the Ethics Committee. She holds a BS in economics and a minor in history.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Shocking Videos Enlighten us to Policy Needs

Last summer the Center for Medical Progress' investigative videos of Planned Parenthood shocked and sickened us.  As a pro-life legislator, I immediately searched our law and rules in order to determine whether or not the selling of fetal body parts might be possible in Tennessee. 

Our state law makes it a crime to sell fetal body parts.  However, I saw areas of concern that I shared with Governor Haslam.  He acted immediately to investigate which led him to make several changes to the rules governing abortion facilities, as well as to commence immediate inspections of all clinics. 
However, what cannot be fixed by rule is that the law does permit the abortionist to accept reimbursement for any costs associated with the preparation, preservation, transfer, shipping, or handling of an aborted fetus or fetal remains - this is exactly what we saw happening in the Center for Medical Progress' videos.  This strikes me as wrong  not only because of the potential for abuse but because medical disposal needs are generally part of the cost of doing business so why should reimbursement of these costs be permitted?
Another concern that I see is that because some abortionists like Planned Parenthood are non-profit organizations, it is possible for tissue disposal companies to perhaps make large contributions to these non-profits which might, in effect, constitute payment for the fetus’. 
Therefore, I have filed a bill to prohibit payment for the costs associated with the preparation, preservation, transfer, shipping, or handling of an aborted fetus or fetal remains, and to disallow large contributions by the tissue disposal companies to the non-profits with whom they do business. 
The Governor has also filed a very good bill as well to cover other important matters, and I am a co-sponsor of this legislation.  I am proud to be a pro-life legislator and appreciate how very fortunate we are to have a pro-life Governor in Tennessee and an overwhelmingly pro-life General Assembly. 
Rep. Susan Lynn represents the 57th legislative district in the Tennessee state House.  Lynn is chairman of the Consumer and Human Resources General Subcommittee and also serves on Finance Ways and Means Committee.

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