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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Newly Proposed State Education Standards


Below is the video presentation of the newly proposed math and English / language arts standards which were created pursuant to Public Chapter 423

The Act repealed the Common Core standards and directed the state Board of Education to create new ELA standards for grades K-12.

Please review the new standards on the following links and comment below.




ELA and Math Standards:
Pursuant to Public Chapter 423 we are presenting to you the Tennessee English Language Arts (ELA) and Math standards as recommended by the Standards Recommendation Committee (SRC). As you know, the SRC consists of 3 appointees by the Lieutenant Governor, 4 by the Governor and 3 by the Speaker of the House of Representatives. This committee was chaired Kingsport Superintendent, Lyle Ailshie, an appointee of the Lt. Governor. The committee has met seven times since last August, in person and by conference call. After lengthy revision work, the SRC will make a final recommendation on Tennessee standards next week to the State Board for consideration on first reading. The process of revising these ELA and Math standards has been comprehensive, detailed, and extremely transparent. In total, the SRC and educator advisory teams considered more than 166,552 reviews and 27,353 comments on these standards from Tennesseans all across the state. I want to thank the legislators and legislative staff who joined the educator teams, and SRC members for their meetings at different points in time over the last several months. Every meeting was open with public notice given.

CTE Standards:

The CTE Standards Review process was not covered in PC 423 and occurs in multiple steps, including research and data gathering (such as regional, state, and national labor and workforce data), skill alignment, program of study development, and writing and reviewing. We utilize secondary teachers, postsecondary educators, business and industry standards, and national benchmark standards as part of our review. Once standards are approved for first reading by the Tennessee State Board of Education, an open public comment period begins on the standards. The feedback is gathered and revisions are made to the standards to address common themes found in the feedback. Once these revisions are completed, the standards are submitted to the Tennessee State Board of Education for final reading.

State Board of Education’s Commitment to Transparency and Engagement: 
Last year the General Assembly passed P.C. 448 authorizing the State Board to have up to two of their quarterly meetings outside of Nashville. In July ETSU played host to the board’s regularly scheduled meeting and gave our members time to meet with superintendents, educators, legislators and citizens of Upper East Tennessee. In October, our own Dr. William Trout, who represents the 9th congressional district on the board, hosted us at Rhodes College where he serves as President. From The Mountains of East Tennessee to the City of Memphis our board has been engaged and active in 2015, and will continue to take this commitment to transparency and engagement seriously in the year to come.

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