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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

House Finance, Ways and Means Committee

Each year at the end of Session there is a lot of anger over fiscal notes and bills that are not funded in the Finance, Ways and Means Committee. Bill sponsors are frequently surprised to learn how much their bill will cost the taxpayers. 

The fiscal note's source is the professional opinion of those who will carryout the law, and there is a process to dispute the amount. 

Fiscal note aside, bill sponsors know who is ultimately really at fault when their bill goes unfunded - themselves.  This is because it is up to each sponsor to workout getting their bill funded. While the sponsor isn't responsible for the amount of the fiscal note they are responsible to dispute the amount, find the funding or to amend the bill so that the price tag will go away. 

I am a big process person.  I think when everyone understands the process it empowers all.  I dug up this chart which illustrates the process for bills referred to Finance, Ways and Means.

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