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Friday, May 04, 2007

Tobacco Tax Survey

Please respond to this one question survey on the tobacco tax.
LINK: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.asp?u=585413811059


The Governor has announced a $475 million plan for education in Tennessee. In a year when we have over $1 billion dollars in over collected taxes, the governor wants to raise taxes through a tobacco tax in order to fund his improvements to education.

His education plan includes reworking the BEP funding formula by shifting funds to urban areas. In addition, he proposes that the state fully fund the cost of at-risk students, fund student growth in the year it occurs, fully fund the cost of educating students who can't speak English, and have the state pay 75% of the total for teacher’s salaries.

He further stated his intention to use the broad powers currently in the law to make failing schools perform. Republican's noted that none of those things have ever been employed by the state. He also stated that we need to demand more from our colleges that educate teachers to ensure teachers specialize in the subject matter they intend to teach.


A few budget facts:

  • State budget in fiscal year 2002: $17.5 billion.
  • Governor’s proposed state budget fiscal year 2007: $27.48 billion.
  • In the past five years expenditures have increased 57%.
  • 2007 tax revenue growth; $939 million dollars ($439 million in recurring funds and $500 million in non-recurring funds).
  • $50,000/minute; the amount of money the state of Tennessee currently spends each day.
  • The State Funding Board meets next week; they are expected to announce up to an additional $300 million dollars over collected taxes.


countryboy said...

Susan, since we had a $250 million surplus last year and looks like we're having around $300 million this year, I just can't see justification for any tax increase. As a matter of fact looks like we could stand a 1% sales tax decrease for the balance of the year.

Anonymous said...

Please don't blow this chance to get more money for our schools. I'm tired of having bake sales, candy sales and coupon book sales just to keep my child's school's supply closet stocked. Not to mention the fact that we are losing teachers to our surrounding states because they pay a lot better. Vote for the cigarette tax - it will save lives.

Thank you very much for your consideration

Representative Susan Lynn said...

There is enough money to fund the governor's plan to 50% and not raise taxes in a year with such a high budget surplus.

The good news is that about five years ago, we raised Tennessee's teachers' salaries to above the southeastern average.

Anonymous said...

Most schools that have to raise money for supplies, are the poore county schools that are overlooked. Bet that doesn't happen in a richer county school system.

Anonymous said...

The Governor's main concern is not education. I have read to many articles disputing that fact. All he wants is to raise taxes when in fact he shouldbe lowering them.

By the way Susan, why do you keep avoiding the subject about protecting our children from pervert teachers? It is a major problem and you know that, but somehow you have not spoken up against it. That makes me wonder where you stand on that subject.