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Business, Free Enterprise and Constitutional Issues; Pro-Life and Pro Second Amendment. Susan Lynn is a member of the Tennessee General Assembly. She serves as Chairman of the Consumer and Human Resources subcommittee, a member of the Finance Ways and Means Committee and the Ethics Committee. She holds a BS in economics and a minor in history.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Survey on Guns in School

There is legislation in the Tennessee House and Senate that would allow school resource officers and teachers to carry guns in schools.

I've had a great deal of phone calls in the office and email on this bill.

Some people don't feel guns in school are appropriate under any circumstances.  Others feel school resource officers should be allowed to carry guns.  Others think the SRO's and teachers should have guns.  Others are afraid that children will be intimidated by the guns.

Please give your opinion on this important legislation. Your answers are anonymous. Please invite your friends to vote. www.susanlynn.net Click on survey.

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RobertBC said...

Dear Rep. Lynn,

In your option, Does anyone outside of yourself understand and more impotently respect our Law otherwise known as the Constitution of Tennessee a once free and independent State?

Below are the only three places I could fine that mentions arms. At no place could I fine that a Tennesseans should get permission from the State to obtain, use, and bear arms regardless of the armament or status of the person. Citizenry to be free and without fear of the State must have greater authority then that witch Governs or slavery ensues.


Section 26. That the citizens of this state have a right to keep and to bear
arms for their common defense; but the Legislature shall have power, by law, to regulate the wearing of arms with a view to prevent crime.

Section 28. That no citizen of this state shall be compelled to bear arms, pro­vided he will pay an equivalent, to be ascertained by law.


Section 3. The Legislature shall pass laws exempting citizens belonging to any sect or denomination of religion, the tenets of which are known to be opposed to the bearing of arms, from attending private and general musters.

I fine theme of this topic truly revolting. A persons right for self defense is a God given right for over 6000 years, regardless wither that person is 8 or 80.

Kindest regards,
Robert C. of Middle Tennessee