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Monday, September 12, 2016

Complaint Against Speaker Harwell is without Merit

Rep. Womick withdrew two of his ethics complaints and the other three were immediately dismissed for being without merit. 

We do not understand Rep. Womick except to say that as a Republican he makes a really great Democrat for attacking Republicans all the time. 

Today, Womick spoke passionately on the floor about marriage but just as soon as he was done speaking he defended Rep. Durham - a married man who 22 women have provided details of his harassment.

After Session on Tuesday Rep. Womick filed 5 ethics complaints against Speaker Harwell claiming that she hasn't handled the Durham affair correctly.

Perhaps we should file an ethics complaint against Womick, and several others because they knew about Durham's behavior according one member.

I did not know but I do know what the Speaker did as she learned of his behavior and as it grew more and more erratic and outrageous.  She addressed him – but he made denials.  She repeatedly asked him to resign his leadership position, to resign from the party, and to resign from the House – but he refused.   When some of the victims came forward she asked them to file a complaint so that his actions could be investigated – but they refused. 

She, along with others, urged us Caucus members to take away his leadership position, his party affiliation and to expel him but several members defended him, they didn’t want him to resign as Whip, or from the Caucus, nor from the House, nor did they want to vote him out of any of those positions. 

So to establish formal confirmation she named a committee to investigate his actions, and again, those same people did not support that decision. 

Next she banished him to the Rachel Jackson Building, permitting him only escorted access to the Legislature and the Capitol which we heard a few call harsh.  At the time I thought that they were simply misguided but yet now that we know the full breadth of the report your supporters still say that she did it all wrong.

Had the committee not released the report to the public who can doubt that the Representative would have claimed that it was not released because it contained no condemning information – thus, further victimizing the women?

I believe the Speaker handled everything as well as anyone could especially in the face of the few Caucus members who were apparently hoping it would all create political hay down the road.  No one can force anybody else to behave rightly, and no one can force anyone to resign – but for sure - the Speaker should have had the full support of the people who had knowledge of his activities.

It is a shame but it seems there has been a passive aggressive war waged by a few members for years now which makes everyone else in the Caucus feel uncomfortable.   There is an ugly, one-sided blog that is simply spiteful and at times libelous.  No Christian should even waste their time to read such injustice, and no Christian could ever write such injustice. 

I have a little book on ethics from the 1890's – on the topic of justice it says this;

People can do injustice by their thoughts. When we hear complaints or accusations against any person and readily believe them, without knowing what the accused would say in self-defense, we are generally unjust.  Even if a person be very much to blame, he will generally appear less to blame, when we understand the case fully, than he did after we had only heard what was said against him.  We must therefore be careful, and not judge hastily; and we must not, even in our minds, condemn the absent and unheard person.  We should not like to be judged and condemned thus; and it is unjust for us to form opinions in this way about others.  

I wish that blog would print that statement and offer a public apology for their many injustices.  

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