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Thursday, August 18, 2016

House Hearing with the TN Dept. of Education - note; information on Social and Personal Competencies is included...

The Tennessee Department of Education is before the House Education Committee for two days of meetings on TN Ready and Tennessee Social and Personal Competencies.

If you don't know what these competencies are you are not alone.  That is why the House called a hearing on the subject with the department.  I asked the department for information on this plan which I have posed below.  These are described as soft skills meant for the workforce however please watch and feel free to comment below.

The House hearing from yesterday is viewable below.  The first part of the video is an update on TN Ready.  Note that the Commissioner mentions the Joint Fiscal Review Committee.  I serve on the committee and we received this same presentation last month and approved the contract for the new TN Ready vendor, Questar.

Next is the audit review of the Achievement School District by the state Comptroller's office - Assistant Comptroller Jason Mumpower and associates.

Speed ahead or keep watching to hear from the department to hear about the TNDOE's plan for Tennessee Social and Personal Competencies to approximately 2:08:30.

Click here to watch today's meeting live (9am).

TN DOE Information on Tennessee Social and Personal Competencies

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