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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mt. Juliet Tea Party

Thanks to Sherrie Orange for organizing and recording our Tea Party!


Anonymous said...

What's the difference between a Republican breaking ranks and voting with the Democrats to elect the speaker of the House . . .


a Republican breaking ranks and voting with the Democrats to appoint a Democrat as election administrator?

[crickets chirping]

Anonymous said...

I find the very notion of the tea parties disgusting and disturbing. Taxes are investments in all of our children's education, investments for the paved roads we drive on, and keep our communities safe to support police and fire protection. I briefly attended the Hendersonville Tea Party and was saddened by the anger, hatred, fear, and ignorance that I witnessed.

Anonymous said...

I guess the previous anonymous comment should just give all the money they make and have to the government since the government is so good in investing our money wisely. 1st no matter how much you spend on education; it does not correlate to better scores, 2nd I guess the government di da good job taking care of those bridges that have failed and our dams that are failing, and 3rd lets have more police to keep us safe by writing a ticket every time we turn around while our justice system lets pedophiles and murderers run through the revolving door and us keeping them up for the rest of their life.