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Business, Free Enterprise and Constitutional Issues; Pro-Life and Pro Second Amendment. Susan Lynn is a member of the Tennessee General Assembly. She serves as Chairman of the Consumer and Human Resources subcommittee, a member of the Finance Ways and Means Committee and the Ethics Committee. She holds a BS in economics and a minor in history.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

NRA Awards Lynn with "A" Rating.

The NRA Political Victory Fund has awarded Susan Lynn its highest possible rating for a non incumbent.  The rating of 'A' was reported to Lynn last Thursday in a letter, and is based on her answers to their candidate survey and her 100% pro-Second Amendment voting record during her four previous terms in the Tennessee General Assembly.

Lynn stated "This high ranking from the NRA PVF is something for which I am very proud - the voters can feel confident that I am a supporter and defender of their Second Amendment rights."

During Lynn's previous four terms in the House she earned a rating of A+; the '+' is an additional endorsement reserved only for incumbents.  NRA PVF assured that if Lynn "had been the incumbent at this time her record shows that she would have received the highest endorsement with the + added however at this time only incumbents can are awarded the additional +.

"Plus or no plus - an 'A' is their highest ranking for a non-incumbent and I am very grateful for this and for the NRA's A+ ratings for each of my four previous terms of service.  The indication of incumbency is not necessary; voters' can feel well assured that my long record in support of the Second Amendment is absolute proof of where I stand on their right to bear arms." Lynn concluded.


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