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Business, Free Enterprise and Constitutional Issues; Pro-Life and Pro Second Amendment. Susan Lynn is a member of the Tennessee General Assembly. She serves as Chairman of the Consumer and Human Resources subcommittee, a member of the Finance Ways and Means Committee and the Ethics Committee. She holds a BS in economics and a minor in history.

Monday, July 02, 2012

The Fight to Abolish Illegal Alien Driver's Licenses

Susan Lynn fought the hard fight for us in a Democrat controlled legislature and she was able to accomplish a great deal for us.

Like reversing the law to allow illegal aliens to obtain a Tennessee driver's license - this law is a tragic part of Tennessee's history. 
What follows is the legislative history of this long and difficult fight.   

In 2001, a year before Susan Lynn ran for the State House, the General Assembly passed HB983 - the Illegal alien driver’s license bill and it become law. The bill allowed someone without a social security number, namely an illegal alien, to get a Tennessee driver's license.   

102nd General Assembly - 2001 – 2002


  • Susan Lynn runs for office.  Elimination of the illegal alien driver's license bill is part of her platform as well as her vow to fight a state income tax.

103rd General Assembly - 2003 – 2004

  • Rep. Lynn is sworn into office in January 2003.

  • Rep. Lynn co-sponsors HB1790, a bill to require a SSN to get a drivers license - this would ban illegal aliens from obtaining driver's licenses (be sure to click on Show Prime Co-Sponsor link to see co-sponsors). 
  • The Democrats, the majority party, will not allow the bill to move. 

  • Lynn again co-sponsors HB1790, it requires SSN to get a driver's license - this would ban illegals from obtaining licenses.
  • The majority party does not allow the bill to move. 

  • HB3486 is drawn up by Governor Phil Bredesen under pressure from Republicans and the public but he waffles and creates the certificate of driving bill.  A bill to abolish the driver's license for illegal aliens but institute a certificate of driving.  The bill advances to the floor of the House.  Rep. Lynn and others engage the Democrats in a bitter, drawn-out floor fight in an attempt to pass eight (8) amendments to amend the bill to kill the driving certificate provision.  Three of the amendments are withdrawn by their Democrat sponsors.  Only Rep. Rowland's (R) amendments actually receive a floor vote but each is tabled by the majority party.  After more than two hours the final vote is at hand and only two choices remain; a no vote will allow illegal aliens to keep their driver's licenses.  An aye vote will take driver's licenses away from the illegals but unfortunately also issue them a certificate to drive.  Left with an imperfect choice the Republicans must vote aye in order to ensure that driver's licenses are finally taken away but vow to continue the fight in the next General Assembly.  The bill passes 96 to 3. - page 4055 - 4061 of the Journal.
  • The Senate passes HB3486 by a vote of 32-0. 

  • Public chapter 158 becomes law - it takes driver’s licenses away from illegals but creates the certificate of driving. 
  • Rep. Lynn speaks in the press about the vow to continue the fight to ensure that no illegal aliens are sanctioned by the state identification to drive. 

104th General Assembly - 2005-2006

  • Lynn co-sponsors HB2903, a bill to abolish the certificate of driving.  The majority party will not allow the bill to move.

  • Lynn co-sponsors HB2903, a bill to abolish the certificate of driving.  The majority party will not allow the bill to move.

  • A Mount Juliet couple is killed in Lakewood, TN by a drunk driving illegal alien.  Rep. Lynn attempts to reason with the administration about the need to pass HB2903 and completely eliminate the ability of illegal aliens to drive in Tennessee. 

105th General Assembly - 2007 – 2008

  • Lynn co-sponsors HB366, a bill to abolish the certificate of driving.  The majority party will not allow the bill to move.

  • Public pressure mounts to abolish the certificate of driving.  Democrats decide it will be their party that will finally pass this measure.  Rep. Mike Turner files HB1827

  •  The Senate vote is ayes 25, nays 2.

After seven years the fight is finally over and illegal aliens can no longer legally drive in Tennessee.    

To read more about Susan Lynn's fight against illegal immigration in the Tennessee House visit her website - www.susanlynn.net.

Or: www.susanlynn.net/Mailers.html


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