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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Requested Edits to Matheny/Butt Press Release

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Dear Jan,

I would like to request a couple of changes and the correction of a typo.  

I personally do not like the use of the word "implore" at the end of this resolution, and I request that it be changed in order to strengthen the last line.  The word implore means to beg, to plead or to pray.  I feel that the word implore is inappropriate for this letter. 

I propose to strengthen the last sentence to say something like;  

In conclusion, as members of the 110th General Assembly, we are writing to make you aware that if enacted, these resolutions are in clear violation of state law.  Further, state law grants citizens legal recourse against Nashville.  Finally, the Counsel can be assured that we, the co-signing members of the 110th Tennessee General Assembly, will take this matter up in the next half of the 110th General Assembly with the intent to strengthen the law. 

Also, there is a typo - "the proposed Resolutions are in violations"  it should read "in violation" 

I will never forget the Wilson's, a couple from Mt. Juliet who was killed by an illegal alien with 14 priors.  In order to give a relevant example from Tennessee I offer the​ paragraph below.

On June 8, 2006, Gustavo Reyes Garcia an illegal alien who had fourteen previous arrests, including four DUIs, slammed his SUV into a sedan driven by Sean and Donna Wilson of Mt. Juliet, Tenn., killing them both. At the time of the accident Mr. Wilson was driving Mrs. Wilson to her chemotherapy appointment.  This tragedy was the catalyst to finally end the issuance of drivers licenses to illegal aliens in Tennessee.  
Thank you everyone,

Susan Lynn

From: Jan Kirk Wright
Sent: Monday, June 26, 2017 8:53 AM
To: Andrew Farmer; Andy Holt; Art Swann; Barry Doss; Beth Harwell; Bill Dunn; Bill Sanderson; Bob Ramsey; Bryan Terry; Bud Hulsey; Cameron Sexton; Charles Sargent; Courtney Rogers; Curtis Halford; Curtis Johnson; Dale Carr; Dan Howell; David Alexander; David Byrd; David Hawk; Dawn White; Debra Moody; Dennis Powers; Eddie Smith; Gary Hicks; Gerald McCormick; Glen Casada; Harry Brooks; Jason Zachary; Jay D. Reedy; Jeremy Faison; Jerry Sexton; Jim Coley; Jimmy Eldridge; Jimmy Matlock; John B. Holsclaw, Jr.; John Crawford; John Forgety; John Ragan; Judd Matheny; Kelly Keisling; Kent Calfee; Kevin Brooks; Marc Gravitt; Mark Pody; Mark White; Martin Daniel; Mary Littleton; Matthew Hill; Micah Van Huss; Michael Curcio; Mike Carter; Mike Sparks; Pat Marsh; Paul Sherrell; Rick Tillis; Roger Kane; Ron Gant; Ron Lollar; Ron Travis; Ryan Williams; Sabi Kumar; Sam Whitson; Sheila Butt; Steve McDaniel; Susan Lynn; Terri Lynn Weaver; Tilman Goins; Tim Rudd; Tim Wirgau; Timothy Hill; William Lamberth; Rick Tillis; Kevin Vaughan
Subject: Urgent Sanctuary Press Release- we need you

Good Morning Colleagues,

Representatives Judd Matheny, Bryan Terry and I have drafted this Press Release and currently have 23 Members committed to being named in this press release as supporters. If you want to be named in this press release (see attached) then my assistant Jan must have your signature stating you want to be named by 3.30 pm this afternoon.

We hope you will all read this press release and take the opportunity to join with us in alerting citizens and informing Metro and Davidson County that the General Assembly has no intention of allowing Nashville to become a Sanctuary City. It is our duty to protect our citizens and our state.

Please add your signature through your office by (today) Monday 3.30 pm and the press release will go out immediately following. Again, your signature will not be in the press release, this just allows us to use your name in the press release.

Thank you so much. It is an honor serving with you.

My Best, Sheila Butt

House of Representatives
State of Tennessee

Representative Judd Matheny-rep.judd.matheny@capitol.tn.gov (615-741-7448)
Representative Sheila Butt- rep.sheila.butt@capitol.tn.gov (615-741-3005)
Representative Bryan Terry- rep.bryan.terry@capitol.tn.gov (615-741-2180)

Republican Lawmakers Call For Metro Council Not To Enact Sanctuary City Ordinances
(NASHVILLE) — With the Second Reading of the Ordinances filed by Metro Councilmen Bob Mendes and Colby Sledge having passed and a vote pending from the Metro Council, we are compelled to make public the intent and purposes of this Ordinance and to make it known that as Representatives of the State of Tennessee, we soundly object to their their passage. Tennessee is currently being represented by the Thomas More Law Center in a lawsuit questioning the ongoing practice of settling refugees in Tennessee through various non-governmental organizations without the proper vetting, channels or protocol being followed.

The Ordinances would formally put policies in place that would officially make Nashville a Sanctuary City.

In essence, the Ordinances would:

1)     Prohibit Metro Nashville employees from inquiring into anyone's immigration status, effectively enabling illegal aliens to access public benefits they would otherwise be barred from using. This practice is not in line with State and Federal law and would a huge financial strain on our public benefit services and budgets.

2)        Prohibit Metro Council from continuing a contractual arrangement with the U.S. Marshals Service that enables the Davidson County jail to detain illegal criminal aliens for ICE pick-up, and would "require Metro to exercise its rights to terminate the contract, and negotiate new terms subject to Council approval." The Council could decide not to renew any contract that allows for compliance with ICE detainers.

While other states list crimes (generally those with acts of violence involving a weapon, anything involving terror, or any major drug offenses to name a few) that trigger cooperation with ICE detainers leading to deportation, the Metro Ordinance of Mendes would allow illegal immigrants who commit all types of crimes, without exception, to be released back into our communities instead of facing possible deportation by ICE.

Tennessee Code Annotated Section 7-68-103 states:

(a) A local governmental entity or official shall not adopt any ordinance or written policy that expressly prohibits a local governmental entity, official, or employee from complying with applicable federal law pertaining to persons that reside within the state illegally.

(b) An official shall not materially interfere with the ability of a local governmental entity, official or employee of a municipality or a county to comply with applicable federal law pertaining to persons that reside within the state illegally.

These proposed ordinances would be a clear violation of Tennessee law and it is our intent as legislators to protect the safety of all Tennesseans to the greatest extent. After the murder of Kate Steinle in California by an illegal immigrant who had already been convicted of seven felonies and deported five times, we should be actively encouraging our law enforcement to cooperate with federal immigration authorities involving illegal aliens who commit crimes.

The proposed Ordinances are violations of current law and place Tennesseans at risk. The citizens of Nashville and Metro Davidson County should contact their Councilmen immediately and request that their respective Representatives vote NO on these two Ordinances. The passage of these ordinances may empower additional liberal enclaves to follow suit. It is important for Tennessee to take the lead in solving this issue now.

It is entrusted to the General Assembly to keep the citizens of our state safe, keep Tennessee financially sound, and to enact laws that will accomplish that end. We will not hesitate to act if these Ordinances should pass.

The following members of the TN General Assembly implore you NOT  to not pass this ordinance,  (23 members have added signatures to this press release)______________________________________________________________________


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