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Friday, June 17, 2016

Lebanon Democrat Letter to the Editor

A constituent sent me a letter he wrote to the editor of the Lebanon Democrat on the Eddie Vedder incident...it is  a great letter!

Another great Bonnaroo draws to a close with multiple drug busts, and an
out-of-state musical pundit lecturing one of our representatives in absentia
like a school marm scolding a naughty child. Since many of the festival
attendees are also from elsewhere, I'm not sure how effective Mr. Vedder's
efforts will be to undercut support for Rep. Lynn's very reasonable efforts
on this issue. The wait-and-see tactic coupled with the pending multi-state
lawsuit against DOJ and DOE are mature actions that might prove more
effective than theatrical tirades in addressing this matter of bathrooms.

I am indeed incensed over this latest eruption that is actually a new front
in the "Culture Wars" which have allowed a tiny minority to lead the
mainstream of society around by the nose.  This relatively small number of
people are shaming and bullying what has become a very malleable and
complacent society into tolerating things that had generally been condemned
for eons.  Now we are expected to waive senses of modesty that are as much
innate as they are dictated by sacred writ.  For grown and properly
cultured adults we are now required to undergo a new form of potty
training.  Enough!


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