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Sunday, February 07, 2016

Article V Convention Passes House and Senate

In 1797, one of our Founding Fathers, George Mason, realized that a path to proposing amendments had been put into the Constitution for Congress, but there was no a path for state governments to propose amendments. The Founding Fathers wisely understood that there might come a time when the federal government would not restrain itself. Therefore they unanimously voted for Article V to include the language that allows states to amend the Constitution.

Article V requires that 34 states make the identical call, and that for any amendment to be added to the Constitution, it would take 38 states to ratify. The call is to consider and propose amendments to THIS Constitution; it is not to write a NEW Constitution.  The passage in 38 states is an extremely hard threshold for any amendment to be ratified, and with good reason.  The SJR0067 that Tennessee passed is a very limited call to consider only three things:

1)     Federal fiscal responsibility

2)     Limit scope and power of federal government

3)     Consider term limits for federal officials

This call has passed in 4 other states with Tennessee being the 5th. It is in over 30 State Houses this year.

Faithful Delegate
We also already have legislation passed in Tennessee that would make it a felony for our delegates to vote on anything outside what is in our call. We have also made sure that we would have alternate delegates. Historically, states have one vote for each state.

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