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Sunday, March 17, 2013


My weekly wrap last weekend contained a couple of paragraphs on a bill that would allow citizens to vote on whether to permit the water in their community to be fluoridated. The response from some the dental community was rather angry and incredulous.

But I also received a lot of responses from people who thanked me for keeping an open mind.

One of the individuals sent me this link to a video called An Inconvenient Tooth. It is a little long but please watch it with an open mind.


Eric H said...

I didn't get Rep. Matthew Hill's comments in response to you on HB0165.

For one, he named multiple sites within his district that are already providing the free fluoride/sealant services without the apparent need for a new law to allow practicing dentistry without a license.

Second, aren't most of the water suppliers in Johnson City already adding fluoride (via hydrofluorosilicic acid)to the water? Isn't there fluoride in most toothpastes? Why isn't that working for all these kids that still go to the multiple sites he named?

You can bring a horse to fluoride, but you can't make him drink?

republicanmother said...

I was at a pediatric dentist's office about a year and half ago and while waiting, I picked up a TN Dental Association newsletter. I was rather shocked at the contents, warning dentists about anti-fluoride activists trying to influence water boards and city government. It had tips on how to lobby those groups so as not to let the activists get the upper hand. I know that LaVergne was successful in getting it out of their drinking water.

Fluoride is the most electronegative element on the periodic table, being in the same group as iodine. Where iodine is lacking, fluoride will step in and take it's place in the thyroid. Perhaps this has something to do with the increasing thyroid dysfunction and cancer rates.