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Monday, February 18, 2008

A Must Read

Mandates for Change
By ARNOLD KLING, Wall Street Journal, February 13, 2008

If the Democrats win, they won't be able to increase spending much. But boy, will they regulate...

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Anonymous said...

I need some help here.
I travel around spreading support for McCain, but lately I'm getting asked some things that are difficult to answer:

1: They understand that Obama is certainly guilty of associating with a known terrorist whose bad behaviour occurred BEFORE Obama was 8, even though the terrorist was never arrested, tried or convicted of anything and the work they did together was in trying to rebuild Chicago's inner city schools, but

they don't understand that John's support of and from Keating WHILE Keating was committing fraudulent activities that fleeced his customers and investors of their life savings was not at all unseemly. That even though Keating ended up as a convicted felon and John was investigated for trying to help his friend during the investigation and was censured by the senate for "exercising bad judgment", he was really showing support for a constituent.

More confusing is they seem to know that the savings and loan scandal occurred shortly after Regan w/ John's support deregulated that industry. Even though it cost the taxpayers $2B, they aren't clear why this isn't a problem with deregulation?

I have to admit the hardest part is explaining why Walter Annenberg, the republican philanthropist and good friend of Regan, financed the opportunity that brought Obama and Ayers together. They remember Bush's statement that those who finance terrorist activities are as dangerous as the terrorists themselves. Is Annenberg a financier of terrorism in America.

2. The other set of concerns has to do with the unamerican speeches by Rev. Wright. What supporters are wondering is how this compares to John's actions in Vietnam. They don't understand that John's decision to cooperate with the Viet Cong and, seemingly, betray his country and fellow soldiers,while a prisoner of war is not at all unamerican.

I think someone needs to have a press conference to clarify this confusing set of issues.