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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Healthy Wisconsin...Coming to Tennessee?

Yesterday I participated in a conference call about Healthy Wisconsin; the healthcare legislation recently passed by the Democrat controlled Wisconsin State Senate.

Why? Not because I support government controlled single payer healthcare but because this conference call, intended to push the same reforms to legislators in other states, was a chance to learn what the other side is up to.

The Wall Street Journal states, unless the Republican controlled House can defeat the plan, Wisconsin may well become “Michael Moore’s Medical Dream State.”

This disturbing view inside this amazingly organized liberal think tank revealed the long-term planning and strategy of this organization that has been able to gather support from an 85,000 member coalition made up of Wisconsin’s unions and progressive activists.

It is clear that unions are excited because they see great savings ahead as they are able to unload their healthcare liabilities on the taxpayers of the state of Wisconsin.

The plan includes every bad incentive possible. Among them; consumer driven ideas are out, high taxes and price controls in, more required mandates, rationing, forced participation by employees and employers; but don’t worry - one doesn’t even need to have a job to obtain the insurance.

One of the more impossible claims is that the plan will pay for expensive and controversial experimental treatments. Examining state run healthcare in other countries, not only are experimental treatments not paid for but, one waits for months and months for even conventional treatments.

The Senate sponsor, State Senator Erpenbach, used twisted class warfare techniques as he compared the Healthy Wisconsin plan to the generous benefits and low premiums the Wisconsin state legislature affords itself (he pays just over $60 per month for his entire family). In stead of saying “I’m part of the cost shifting problem,” the senator falsely promises that everyone will have the same unlimited benefits and low rates that he has. Perhaps hoping the listening simpletons would not note that the miracle of his privileged policy and impossibly low rate, never before available to the masses, is heavily subsidized by the masses – as too would be Healthy Wisconsin.

Besides using self generated polling, petitions, pod casts, press releases, election propaganda, and faith based claims – they admittedly solicited “independent reports” from like-minded progressive groups to back up their claims of rich savings for businesses and grand estimates of the positive economic impact for the state.

The creator of one report expressed her great pleasure for having been "asked" to "help" with this immense effort to bring government controlled healthcare to Wisconsin. She noted that she didn’t mind that she was given less than one week to produce her "in-depth" independent report. She made it clear that her data was rehashed from one other liberal report without which she never could have produced her information so quickly. She ended with an attempt to solicit business by stating her group is capable of producing other such reports with the same short notice and, I presume, the same 'careful' research.

Their claims cannot possibly add up in Wisconsin or anywhere else. Let's hope Republicans in Wisconsin's state house will realize that all these wolves in do-gooder clothing really want is to legislatively gain control of the healthcare industry and then they can wield their power and make their fortunes.


Anonymous said...


As a member of the Wisconsin Assembly I want to thank you for your letter and for your apparent keen understanding of the hoax that is known as Healthy Wisconsin. I want you to know that the Assembly majority is united in our opposition to this proposal, and we will not allow it's passage in any form.


Representative Steve Kestell

Anonymous said...

Dear Rep. Lynn,

As a fellow state representative from the state of Wisconsin, I am writing to thank you for your blog posting about the Healthy WI health care proposal that passed in our Democratically controlled Senate.

I chair the Assembly Committee on Health and Health Care Reform so I have watched this entire process unfold with great interest and needless to say, concern. I would love to discuss this with you if you are interested. I left a message at your office number but decided to send an email as well since I am not sure of your session schedule.

Best regards,

Leah Vukmir
WI State Representative
Assembly District 14

Anonymous said...

Susan, as a TN resident who owns property in Wisconsin there's more to the tax burden part of it. I recently received a new Notice of Assessment from Peterson Appraisals, Rhinelander, WI (715)369-2952 and my assessment (surprise, surprise) went up. I called Peterson Appraisals and talked to a man named Brent and he informed me that Wisconsin now assesses property at 100% of market value. As you know, in TN the assessed value of property is always lower than the market value. Property in WI used to be assessed in the same manner but no more. This change is due to the horrendous fiscal irresponsibility that Gov. Doyle and the Democrats have exercised in WI. When Tommy Thompson (R) was Governor of the State, it had a surplus. Currently there are 3 versions of the next WI state budget pending in Madison and they are all drowning in red ink with future deficits running from $669 million to $877 million.
Currently the WI State sales tax is 5% with almost all counties tacking on the allowed .5% county tax. The WI State Income Tax rate tops out at 6.75%
Then there's the 5% Use Tax,which is a 5% tax imposed on the sales price of tangible personal property or taxable services that are used, stored, or consumed within Wisconsin, but upon which a Wisconsin sales or use tax has not previously been paid.
With the Healthy Wisconsin proposal, there is no doubt in my mind that taxes will increase across the board including the sales tax and the various Excise taxes on beer, liquor, tobacco, fuel, and miscellaneous "inspection fess" on petroleum and other products.
For all we know, the incredibly Liberal WI Democrats may get even more creative and come up with a Global Warming Tax based on the number of inches of snow in a residents yard each Winter and tack that onto the property taxes!

... said...

Dear UB,

Sorry about your plight.

I didn't put it in the article but the payroll tax for Healthy Wisconsin is 14.5% with an option of going up to 16%.

Thanks for your input.


Anonymous said...

As a Tennessee resident,I would gladly pay 10% of my income for a Wisconsin plan here in Tn.I am 52 with a precondition paying 1200.00 a month for group health insurance.I would like to leave my present job and start my own business,yet the costs for self employment insurance would be prohibitive.
My sister had surgery recently only to find out after the fact her insurance company won't pay.These growing problems are hurting the middle class.Why the demonization of universal single payer national insurance by conservatives like your self when it's not even debated by conservatives in Canada and Great Britain?Freeing business from having to pay heathcare would help them compete with other countries.Helping small business was once the bedrock of Republicans.Yes it's bad when this conservative is willing to pay higher taxes due to fear of losing heathcare coverage.
Jeff Johnson