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Monday, July 30, 2007


The American Legislative Exchange Council's annual conference met last week. Over 2000 members of ALEC came together to promote economic and political freedom in our state legislatures.

My Commerce task force learned a lot, and had very lively discussions and voting on several issues.

The working groups, sub-committees and task forces brought to us some of the brightest conservative thinkers in the country.

I was thrilled to meet and have a conversation with President Bush. He was very friendly and down to earth.

Former Congressman Billy Tauzin gave an inspiring speech about medical research and the need to keep the free market.

Mr. Bernard Poussot, Vice Chairman of Wyeth updated us on advances in research.

Former Congressman Dick Armey gave an incredible speech on economics that geeks like me could listen to all day long.

Neal Cavuto, Your World, FOX News, gave us food for thought when he spoke about the good things capitalism has accomplished in the world.

John Fund, OpinionJournal.com, The Wall Street Journal, spoke intelligently about a vast array of things as only Fund can.

Presidential candidate and former Governor, Mike Huckabee was truly inspiring as his speech unfolded in waves about issues with vision.

And former Senator Fred Thompson uplifted and reinforced the legislators by speaking about federalism and states rights.

All in all, the conference was very educational.

An aside; on Saturday afternoon my brother drove in from Maryland and we ventured out to visit our parent's first home. It is a very pretty row house on Waverly Street where we were each born quite a few years ago.

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