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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Time to Review Republican Ideals

My great hope is that when the last opinion article is written on this half of the legislative session, Republican ideals will shine through, or at least that there will be great evidence that they were fought for.

Ideals such as:

  • No new taxes
  • Protect the unborn
  • No wasteful spending
  • Return surplus money
  • Encourage self-reliance
  • Create choice in education
  • Fight for open government
  • Lower the sales tax on food
  • Consumer driven healthcare
  • Promote commerce and competition
  • Fight illegal immigration on the state level


Anonymous said...

Well, they have already passed a tobacco tax. So I guess that will burst your bubble. Something they could be proud of would be to cut the food tax, and alot more than 1/2 cent, which by the way is a insult.

Anonymous said...

I would add one thing to your list, freedom for adults to determine their own destiny, free from government nannyism and social engineering (smoke tax).

Keep up the good work....

Anonymous said...

True, the Goverment needs to mind their own business, and stay out of peoples personal lives.

Anonymous said...

When all was said and done, what was accomplished on your list?

Anonymous said...

No answer, does that mean not much was accomplished?

Anonymous said...

I personally am tired of asking a simple question, to only have it ignored without even the common courteous of an answer.

Digitizdat said...

- Protect the unborn
- No wasteful spending
- Return surplus money
- Encourage self-reliance
- Fight for open government
- Promote commerce and competition

How are these exclusively *Republican* ideals? Do you believe that members of other parties are inherently opposed to these things? It seems like more of a list of things that anyone who's normal would want.